Duplicate range without overlapping with the next range.

Hi guys. I don’t know, if this is possible in Cubase. Can you duplicate the selected range without overlapping with the next bar or range in Cubase? Like Ableton duplicates time. Thanks guys.



The process is when you duplicate time, the selected range duplicate, and the rest just move, but does not overlap.

I think you can, but could you be a bit more specific?


Thanks brother. I hope you understand what I mean.

Ok G.

I’ll have a look and if I can help, I’ll chime back in.

Well, in the simplest terms, duplicate in Cubase is ‘CTRL + D’.

Select your clip, then hit ‘CTRL + D’ as many times as you want repeated.

Can you try that first & see if that works for you?

I think the OP wants to insert. This is done using the “Paste Time” command.

Thanks guys for replaying. By the way, what do you mean with OP?

Imagine that you have a complete project, and you just want to duplicate a small part of an event. How would you do that without that part overlaps with the next event? Thanks guys

I’m wondering, if this is possible in Cubase like Ableton does. Thanks

OP=Original Poster, i.e., you, G-row12.

The “Paste Time” command is what I am suggesting you check out.

Thanks brother. Now I got it