Duplicate Saves

Is there a function to save your tracks in duplicate?

I usually make backups as I go, but it would be nice if there was a feature to save the track twice, with a short delay between saves, just in case the system happens to crash whilst saving. That way if one version becomes corrupted there will be one that hasn’t been overwritten and destroyed. This way you can automatically make saves just with Ctrl S and not have to lose your workflow with renames every few minutes.

There is nothing for saving tracks in “duplicate” but… are you using the autosave function?

If not, it is found in the File, Preferences>General menu. You can activate it there and set how often and how many maximum backups you want.

FYI… If it matters, I have read somewhere that the autosave function does not work when Cubase is in “play” mode. So, for example, it is not autosaving anything if your are doing a lot of editing of something using the cycle mode. Users have asked for this to be fixed.

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I think this is what I was asking for. I assume these backup files can all be loaded if the original save fails for some reason? I did have autosave turned on and its saving every 15 minutes. I’ve changed that to 5 minutes. I assume that is reasonable?

Thanks for the reply and help.

Isn’t there also a save new copy feature?