Duplicate Score Settings

So I’ve been learning more about the score editor but I can’t seem to find a simple solution for this, and I’m sure there is one out there. So I have an instrument track and I’ve recorded some midi. Now I’ve opened the score editor (at the track level, no regions selected) and made all of my adjustments, (added a title, composer, bar numbers, multirests, etc). Now I would like to duplicate that track and maintain all of the score settings and markings as well. But when I duplicate the track and open the score editor, the title, composer markups are gone, the format is different among other things. Is there an easy way to maintain everything that is in the score when you duplicate a track?

Yes, with the Get Form function.

Open the new track in the score editor
Open Score Settings, Layout tab
Select the older layout
In the pop-up menu below the layouts list, select Get Form.

See gif:

Thank you!