duplicate selected tracks without data macro not working

Hi everyone

Can anyone explain to me why my “Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data” macro isn’t working on instrument tracks? It works fine on midi tracks, but not instrument tracks for some reason. The midi parts and automation remain on the duplicated track after the macro is used

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the command in the edit menu is labeled “Select - All on Selected Tracks”, whereas the command in the Key Commands menu is labeled “Select - All on Tracks”…



The problem of Cubase’s Macros is, that there is no idle. So Cubase just fires the commands one by one. But Cubase doesn’t know, if any process has been finished already, so it can fire another one. Sometimes this leads to a wrong order or skipping some steps. As a workaround I’m using “Save” function in-between some steps. This works as an idle and Cubase has to wait.

The disadvantage is, you always have to save as the project, before you trigger the Macro. Other wise you would get the Save As… dialog and the Macro wouldn’t work.

Ah makes sense, will give that a try. Thanks, Martin!

same problem here…