Duplicate shortcut commands?

What is the difference between the commands when there are 2 listed in the shortcuts window that seem identical? The descriptions don’t really help clarify…
Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 12.34.34 AM.png

It seems you have redefine some factory shortcuts, right?

Not sure quite what you mean, PG. I’m trying to remap some shortcuts, yes…

I mean, the screenshot seems to imply you already applied some shortcuts to functions that already had a factory shortcut.

Yes, I changed some.
What i’m asking is why what appears to be the same shortcut is listed twice with a slightly different name. Does this have something to do with changing factory shortcuts?

On your picture, I see 2 pairs of names exactly equal (with one letter case difference in one).
Letter case are not considered as difference by WaveLab.

If you click on the shortcut to highlight it, it’ll tell you the difference in the description at the bottom of the window. Like one of those shortcuts considers post-roll, the other doesn’t.

Thanks bob99– I don’t know how I missed the difference in the descriptions! I assume it means just post roll for “play until anchor”, since you have to preroll to play until something.

But…it doesn’t seem to work like that. No matter whether pre/postroll is on, both commands always produce the same results.

I know one of them I couldn’t tell the difference between: “Play Audio Range” appears twice–- the description on one of them says just that; the other says “play specific audio range.” What’s the difference? I didn’t see any when I tried it out.

It would be helpful if 2 different shortcuts had different names.

I couldn’t get any of those to act differently either, but it could be me not being familiar with whatever condition would make them act differently. I don’t know.