Duplicate slurs

I 've imported a midi file and i have to set slurs on many goups of 4 quavers. I’ve tried the copy and paste action and here is the result… have i missed something ?
Thank you !!
Dorico ligatures

Slurs technically go from the end of the first note until the start of the last note, that’s why they get offset like this. What you could do is work “exponentially”: set the slur on the first group of 4 by hand, copy-paste to the second group. Select both slurs, copy-paste to the second bar. Select all four slurs, copy-paste to bar 3 and 4, and so on until you get through the entire passage in just a few operations.

I understand, i’ve just finished with the exponential method…a bit more time to set !
We still have to understand the machine/program, i hope one day it will be the machine/program to understand us !!
Thank you for the rapid/sunday morning (in France) response :blush: !

I’ve encountered this, too. It would be great in future versions of Dorico if slur repetition (using the “R” key) automatically started on the following note, since there are very few situations where one would want two slurs to end/begin on one note like the above output example.

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