Duplicate tempo and Signature TrackVersions bug

I’ve found a bug when attempting to duplicate tempo and signature tracks if you previously imported the tempo from a cubase tempo track from another project. After importing a tempo map, if I hit “duplicate version” it does duplicate the original tempo / signature tracks to a new version (v2) but in the process it DELETES the original and resets it to 120 4/4. So its not actually duplicating, its moving the original to a new version, and creating a blank version in its place. Note, this bug does NOT show up if you start a new Cubase project and draw your own tempo map, but ONLY if you import a tempo track (.smt) from another cubase project.

Steps to duplicate issue:

  1. Open an existing Cubase project with tempo map / signature changes (or start a blank project and draw your own)
  2. Go to File -> Export -> Tempo Track
  3. Save tempo track to your HD
  4. Open new Cubase project
  5. Go to File -> Import -> Tempo Track and select the .smt file you just saved
  6. Select the disclosure triangle to the right of the Tempo track name (TrackVersions) and select “duplicate version”
  7. Select the original v1 of the tempo and see it has returned to 120bpm

The results are not as expected where the result would be two duplicated tempo maps, but rather the imported v1 tempo has been moved to v2, and v1 is now 120bpm. This is true with signature tracks as well (follow steps above but replace tempo track with signature track). Again, this bug does NOT happen if you create a new tempo track from scratch in a Cubase project - duplicate works just as expected. The bug is only when you import an .smt tempo track from a previous cubase project or smf from any other DAW.

I’m running Cubase 8.0.20 on Mac OS 10.9.5

This of course is very frustrating when trying different tempos / time signatures mid song in projects that contain a lot of signature and tempo changes, so hopefully a fix can be done. Thanks!

no one wants to follow the steps and replicate this bug?