Duplicate to staff above (user defined alt-shift-N)

Dear fellow Doricians,
I find alt-shift-N doesn’t work anymore (although properly setup in the keycommands editor in the Preferences)… Am I the only one?
(I have recreated my keycommands_fr.json file from scratch this week to get rid of the many many useless commands I had set up for the Streamdeck before v.4)
Alt-shift-M does work perfectly (although I had to remap the Input Marker command).

We believe this is down to a change in the behaviour of the latest version of Qt. The problem is that on Mac, alt-n is the “dead key” for adding a tilde to a following letter and so it is handled specially. It may be possible to work around this change but we aren’t sure yet.


Thanks Richard! I thought I was going nuts…
Note that alt-N (move to staff above) does work as expected, which makes it weirder :person_shrugging:

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Maybe not a perfekt solution, i use ctrl + alt + n/m for duplicating and it still works.

Alt + cmd n for a new staff also works fine. So only Shift + Alt + N is dead.

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Thanks for confirming that!!!
Sometimes Qt really breaks my… habits ^^

Dear Richard,
I found that ctrl+cmd+D was also unusable on my French keyboard, for the record.

It seems 5.0.20 has corrected the problem with shift-alt-N, but it does not appear in the Version History. Are there other shortcuts that are now available again ? (maybe all ?)
And of course, THANK YOU TEAM !!! You’re amazing.
(cmd+ctrl+D still is not available, but I can cope with that)

We have removed some of the upstream changes in Qt that introduced this change of behaviour, so we hope that shortcut handling should now be the same as it was in Dorico 4, but it’s impractical for us to test every shortcut with every keyboard language, so I’m afraid we can’t say for sure.