Duplicate to Staff Below behavior

In my score I have some players that hold multiple instruments, and being wind players, they only hold/play one at a time. When I use “Duplicate to Staff Below” for something like “cresc.” it seems to cycle through these hidden instruments before appearing on the next visible staff in my score for the next player. Is that expected? I thought Dorico would ignore these hidden instruments and duplicate to the next lower player with the first firing of the command.

Dear Ed,
This is how it has always worked, as if you were in galley view. I agree it’s not intuitive nor efficient, but if the team has let it like that, they must have some good reasons.

Dorico moves through all of the instruments in the layout, without regard for which staves are shown. This has a certain consistency and predictability to it, but I can certainly understand that others may take a different view.

It made me wonder if the cresc. was being copied to the unheld instruments.