Duplicate to staff below does not work for drumsets

One of the very most useful features of Dorico is “Duplicate to staff above/below,” for which I have shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+N and M. This is brilliant, except in the case of drumsets.

When copying notes from a pitched instrument, Dorico will not duplicate them into the drumset part. That makes sense as we are pitched → unpitched. But it also refuses to duplicate dynamics. That should work. And by the same token, if I am duplicating cues, then Dorico should duplicate and change the cue to a rhythmic cue. Same thing for staff text and local meter overrides. It seems to me that anything except pitched notes should work with duplicating into a drumset part.

Is this a bug/oversight or was the feature intentionally left incomplete because of other complexities?

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Percussion kits are indeed a bit complicated to work with from the point of view of our editing code, so we do sometimes take the easy way out and not pull the thread all the way to completely unravel the item of clothing. But I agree that really we should try to make some more of these cases work at some point in the future.


That’s what I expected. I know drumsets are really different animals from other instruments. Certainly, being able to copy dynamics (and staff text) would be a significant benefit. For me, the other cases are much less common.

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