"Duplicate Track(s) without Content"-Option

Thanks for Listen.

nice feature this from S1…

saves duplicating a track to then select all events and delete…
possible with a macro, but be nice to have it as a built in option.

Key Command:
Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data

Is this what you’re requesting?

This will duplicate the selected track/s without any data

I’ve been using this Macro for a while now and it -mostly- works. Occasionally, it does something -very- weird and I haven’t figured out exactly -what-. Frankly, it’s such a common task I wish it was a ‘native command’ instead so that it was 100% reliable.

This macro has always worked for me without any issues, well… at least that I know of.
Is it not carrying over all info for you when you duplicate a track?

Just a quick thought and possible workaround, if you have an important track that you wish to duplicate, you can use the “Import Track from Project” and select your current project. You might find that this works 100%.


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Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread, but I think I found the issue.
By selecting a track, events you have selected before dont get unselected automatically (otherwise you could not copy/paste events on another track obviously). If you now duplicate the track with the macro, also the events you have selected before get deleted, because “Select all events on track” does not seem to unselect them in this case. It is still weird, because if you use that command alone it unselects everything.
So I would suggest to add a “unselect events” command (you can do this with the project logical editor) at the beginning of the macro and you should be OK.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try and report back.