Duplicate Track: Selectable Parameters

In PT when you duplicate a track you get a choice of selecting which parameters to duplicate. Among other things you can choose Automation, Inserts, Sends, I/O, Playlists (audio files/clips) etc. You do this by checking/unchecking boxes next to each item.

I find this to be useful in situations where I may have a track of narration for one spot (commercial) and receive a new version but suspect the two to be identical. I can quickly duplicate everything except for the actual audio and have all routing and inserts that I need, and then I simply drag over the audio from my newly imported track and compare the two lined up, for example.


Sometimes I actually want audio + routing but not inserts, sometimes routing + inserts but not audio, sometimes audio + inserts but not routing, etc…

+1 That should absolutely be included!


Yes YEs YEs +!


+1 Big time!!!

+1 … would love to see this added