Duplicate track without contents it's a must

This feature is so helpful and is a daily task to be able to duplicate the track with or without it’s contents while preserving all presets, plugins and settings applied to the track, it’s so counter productive to keep setting up a track from scratch each time for the same or similar instruments or vocals. Yes you can make presets but that’s even more buttons to click and dialogs to deal with and hampers the creative process flow.

The work around I’m doing now is to setup a key shortcut to duplicate the track and then another key shortcut for Select > All on Selected Tracks and then press the delete key, but this is no replacement for not having this simply but powerful command built in. I don’t want a feature that pops up a dialog asking if I want to keep the contents of the track I just want one simple step to duplicate the track without it’s contents.

Please consider adding it very soon.

Thank You

One word… MACRO!

I don’t remember if it was already there but i have a macro of this function. I made a screenshot so if you don’t have it, then you can make it.

Thanks pliktro
It’s in 10 Pro, I didn’t see it in Elements and therefore thought it wouldn’t be in Pro. Made the Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + t to make it match “t” for new track, can’t remember if something else used that key combo.

Glad you found. Have a nice day!