Duplicate track without (D) in name

Hello, I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how I can turn off the duplicate track renaming function of adding a (D) in the name of the new track. Ideally I would get a 1,2 3 added and so on but I can rename the tracks manually too. Right now I also have to remove the (D) in the new name which is just consumed time that could be spent making better music.

I didn’t anything on this in older threads so I make a new one.

Cheers and thanks for any help.

You can create a Project Logical Editor preset that first duplicates the track and then renames it. Then if you want, you can assign this PLE preset to a keyboard shortcut.

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Yup. One of the example Presets removes the “(R)” from rendered Tracks - so that’s a good starting point to look at.

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Yea I just did this one:

Will do another one that doesn’t rename for the tracks that I just want to double for panning, overcompressing and such things.

Oh I will check this out too. Cheers

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