Duplicate track?

Hi, is there a way to duplicate tracks?
I’d love to be able to duplicate a track along with all it’s routing and effects settings, is that possible?


Sure. There’s the “duplicate” command. I forgot in which menu right now. You can probably access it through the right click over the track you want to duplicate.
If you want you can also create your own shortcut

Are you talking about Cubasis for the iPad?

Right hand click?? Erm, I don’t think the iPad has that feature :wink: new to this program, but I sure as heck can’t find a way to duplicate tracks, sorry.

Every now and then we get Cubase answers here, instead of Cubasis ones, not sure why…

'Cause of people like me don’t read proper :wink:

Sure is a shame that you can’t duplicate (I’m assuming) a track, would save a bit of time with re inputting the effects…but not a biggie

It would be a very useful thing to have.
Sometimes you want to duplicate a track in order to double it and maybe add different effects.
Sometimes you’re just recording some takes and came up with a nice setup that works fine for the session and you just want to duplicate that and start recording on a new track straight away, having to set it up again from scratch really breaks the flow.

From my limited experience fiddling with this, I’m thinking it’s not possible. Hopefully that will be in an update, or someone will come along and tell us how to do it. :slight_smile:.

Consulting the forum with tapatalk makes a little be more difficult knowing in which part of the forum you are.
It’s there, just not a part of the app that you look often, totally my fault.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. :slight_smile: