Duplicate tracks issue

Why is it that when you duplicate a MIDI track in a large project, the duplicated track does not have the same routing as the original? Shouldn’t it?

Maybe it should, does it do it with audio?

Yes, it should, I think. With audio? Haven’t seen that. But the routing w/audio is different - audio trks get routed to groups, busses, etc., whereas MIDI tracks get routed to VSTs. That is the routing I am speaking of. Here, watch:


No worries - it’s small: 578 KB.

IMO, that should not happen. I mean, how is Cubase deciding which VST to route the duped ch to?

Hi Jeff

Forgive me for being dumb but how do i play MP4 files?

Media player does not seem to work.



Plays anything and everything.

Routing (insofar as MIDI is concerned) on new tracks is incremental, as it is assumed that is what the user would want to do, eg when making new tracks. Colors are incremented as well.

Maybe not a good idea moving forward.

Same concept applies to midi in connections always being connected.

Maybe there is a preference for these things I don’t know but if there is it should be by default to inherit settings of the last used track (when copying) and to not have midi in however the latter would be more critical in the case of audio as you could potentially invite a feedback loop.