Duplicate Tracks Not Available For All Folder Tracks

Hi, all.

N 12.0.30, MacOS Catalina

I’ve got a fairly huge (approx. 200 gigs of multitrack) from a live performance that I’m rolling up my sleeves to mix. Want to duplicate all of the tracks, which I have stashed in folders. Have the raw tracks organized into two “master” folders, separated by performance days.

As you’ll see in the vid, only one of those master folders allows me to duplicate. The option does not come up for the other. I’ve observed that the same applies to at least some of the sub folders as well.

There are no plugins added to the project as yet-- just the raw tracks.

I cannot as yet determine any difference in format or arrangement between the two master folders. Am wondering if I’m missing something. Any ideas, or could this be a bug?

Addendum I went through all of the sub folders in the troublesome master folder and found only one that couldn’t be duplicated via right-clicking. I removed it and the master folder duplicated as expected. I copied the offending files from the timeline and achieved my objective, but still can’t figure out what the issue with the folder may have been.

Good luck to us all,