Duplicate tuplet brackets in multiple voices

In a piano part I’m creating, I’m encountering an issue when inputting multiple voices under tuplet brackets.

In the attached example, I have a second voice beginning on the second quarter of the quarter-note triplet (the quarter rest). When I created the triplet in order to enter this rest and the note that follows, Dorico created a second triplet bracket.

How do I hide the duplicated triplet bracket?
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 13.06.10.png

Each tuplet has a Bracket property and a Number property in the bottom panel. You’ll need to adjust one or both of them depending on what’s already visible.

I see - thanks. This seems like a strange thing to be required to toggle – surely if both voices use identical tuplets, Dorico should automatically hide one of them?

For clarity (and as per Gould) I’d expect to see both tuplets, like so:

It’d be nice if Dorico would automatically flip one of the brackets underneath, but seeing as it doesn’t I’d select one of the brackets and hit F.

Good point - thanks pianoleo!