Duplicate voice

How do I easiest duplicate voice from up-stem to down-stem voice?

I would suggest copying the music you want to duplicate to the clipboard, then choose Edit > Paste Special > Paste Into Voice and specify a new up- or down-stem voice as required.

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Thanks! That what’s I’ve been doing. But it’s not as fast an easy as I would like it, and often the notes are not pasted due very picky needs for the copied material (like slurs and rests outside scope).

So, FR:
Duplicate voice X to voice Y

I’m on v4 btw

Try this:

  1. Select the passage.
  2. Copy.
  3. Change the voice. Shift-V is quicker than going through the menus. If you already have notes in another voice in that player you can use just V to change the voice.
  4. De-select the notes.
  5. Activate the caret at the start of the passage.
  6. Paste.

You might even be able to skip steps 4 and 5 as the paste command appears to paste into up-stem voice 1 by default.

Can you explain why you’re having to do a lot of this? Perhaps there’s an easier way to achieve your end-goal.

Sometimes I go from eg. unisons to divisi, and I need a down-stem-copy, like here:


Or, I need to copy rythm from voice 1 up-stem, to voice 1 down-stem for editing.

Btw: The Dorico voice-terminology is very out of line with the rest of the world :slight_smile:

I just:

  • Select notes
  • Shift-I, 1, Return
  • V

Indeed “voices” in Dorico and other software are quite a different thing from musical voices in counterpoint (not to mention human voices).

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That’s a nice way. I’ll do that from now. Thanks!

The easiest practice might also depend on how you input the notes for the 2nd Violas to start with.