Duplicate VST Entries

In the Play tab when adding a VST (VSL/Vienna Ensemble Pro, in this case), there are 2 entries.

I’m assuming these are the VST2 and 3 versions. The problem is, I can’t tell which one is which. In the Preferences/VST Plug-ins, there is only one listed:

One version allows multiple midi ports while the other does not and usually the first one is the correct one but with this new project I’m working on, the first seems to be the VST2 version.

Why is there only one plug-in listed in the preferences while 2 appear in the Play/Add VST dropdown? Is there a way to filter out the VST2 or at least a way to tell which one is which?


You don’t need to allow the VST2 plugin if there is a VST3 version. Move the Vienna plugins to the Blocked Plug-ins list and then you will only have one instead of two, and it will be the VST3 version.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I brain-faded the preferences dialog regarding VST2 allowed/blocked – but it’s clear now.