duplicate vst presets in steinberg synths - how to delete?

Hi there,

Windows 10, Cubase 8. When I open up steinberg synths like retrologue and pad shop i see two of every preset. Is there an easy way to remove duplicates? If not, and I have to do it one by one, where would I go to do this?

Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome,

Are these factory presets, or your own user presets?

I had this problem once, also.

I believe it was when I installed both the 32 and 64 bit versions on Cubase and somehow the patch files got installed twice.
They were the Factory patches.

New machine since then and 64bit only so no problem.
Would be curious where those files are, though.


Hi there,

These are the factory presets and yes, I installed both 32 bit and 64 bit so maybe that is where this happened. I need the 32 bit for bringing up older projects with older 32 bit plugins that i don’t have 64’s for. I’d love to find out here they are and get rid of them.



There is an internal VST Bridge, which takes care about bridging 32-bit plug-ins to 64-bit Cubase. Or, you can use 3rd part jBridge.