Duplicate when receizing midi notes

I am experiencing the same issue (in cubase 9 pro with macbook pro and I use Nektar Panorama as midi controller) as in the topic below. However, I am not able to ’ translate’ the solution as mentioned above to my set up. Hopefully somebody op this forum can help me out.

Quote from the topic: “I make my tracks by first recording from my MIDI keyboard and then editing and adjusting the midi notes in the piano roll afterwards. When doing so in Cubase, Cubase automatically creates a duplicate of my recorded note. This happens once for every note.”

I addition to this somehow the volume of the ’ new’ midi note significantly decreases and I cannot change it in any way.

I was hoping somebody could help me out here. Perhaps my description wasn’t Clear, let me try again.

What happens is that when I want to adjust the length of a Midi note it somehow creates a new midi note. What is even more strange, isthat when i want to delete this note, i have to click-delete for like 4-5 time Before it is actually deleted. On top of that, the note that is now left is very soft in volume. Changing the velocity does not change Anything.

Really hope somebody on this forum can help me out.

And you a sure you are not just seeing underlying notes when you resize the upper layer.
Meaning you have a midi loop going on somewhere, and are recording the same note several times on top of each other.
If you remove duplicates the velocity will then decrease, that is how it should be.

Hi paekae,

Thanks for your response!

That makes sense. Is there a way to prevent this form happening?

Also somehow there are only 2 option with the arrow function (the standard arrow, and time stretch)when there used to be 3. I don’t know if this could be related, so thought I’ mention it.

Ok I figured out it only happens when I record midi (through my Nektar Panorama).

I tried the solution attached (not the windows one, since I have a mac), this also doesn’t work.

Does anybody know any other options that might solve this issue?

What happended to me is that I have the tool that enter new notes active - so thinking I resize one note, clicking, I added another on top.