Duplicated 4 Tracks and now, Project Won't play

I just duplicated 4 Vocal tracks with multiple INSERTS and the project started to stutter and now I can’t hear a thing, what have i done.
If i remove the duplicated tracks the project plays ok?

Or do I need to Render the tracks now, because i have too many with particular inserts, then disable and hide the original?

Also, I seem to now have a processing Overload, is that the CPU/Memory allocated to Steinberg, can i increase it?

any ideas, thank you

Just save a new copy of your project file and try the things that you mentioned.

This doesn’t look good above!

And don’t enable this in the Edit_Preferences_VST, you cant stop the Project playing and seizing up while this is on the screen!

Overload 070723-3

Also tried to reset this below and it just goes red again!

Overload 070723-2

SO Ill RENDEER some files, see what happens, maybe my CPU and Memory need an upgrade, have we any current PC specs from Steinberg !

Here’s the CUBASE requirements, I’m well above this

Interesting I removed 2 x disabled plug ins under the Insert column (not using/turned off) and the Asio Guard Monitor changed, still high though!

But, even more interesting it actually plays OK, for a few bars, no stuttering or freezing, then the ASIO-Guard hits the top and goes RED again

Overload 070723-4

Now, I have removed maybe 30-40 disabled plug ins in the Insert column (most were on Vocal Tracks) and now the Audio Performance monitor looks like this, and the Project is playing through again.

Overload 070723-4b

Here’s my Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver settings, is this OK.

Overload 070723-5

Yes, your system is at it’s limit regarding real time audio processing. That can happen even with powerful computer if you have to many too CPU-hungry plugins (and maybe lots of them in series).
When you write removing “disabled” plugin helped somewhat, I guess you mean just “bypass”? A real disable (ALT-click) takes the plugin completely out of the signal path, and it shouldn’t use any CPU at all. With just a simple bypass, the plugin is still in the signal path, but without processing. Usually, there should be no significant CPU usage there, either, but it is not none.