duplicated dynamics

Hello, I’ve copy/pasted some bars from one dorico file to another. Now I have duplicated dynamics and if I try to delete them they delete both dynamics. Not sure what I can do so any suggestions gratefully received. Best, Michael

Unfortunately at the moment there’s no good remedy for this, as you can’t influence how Dorico chooses to group dynamics, which it does automatically when you copy and paste them from one instrument to another at the same rhythmic position as identical dynamics in another instrument. In the next update you’ll be able to explicitly group and ungroup dynamics, which will solve this problem, but until then I’m afraid there isn’t any more sophisticated remedy than to delete and recreate the dynamics as needed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Daniel, I think it’s just a small bug which I’ve found a simple solution for in the meantime. I was copying some bars from one version of a score to another by selecting the bars in the copy-to score and hitting paste, thus overwriting them. If I simply delete all notes first, then hit paste, the dynamic duplication doesn’t happen. Thanks for the answer anyway. Best, Michael