Duplicated Flow not visible in Full Score.


after duplicating the last flow of a project, I cannot see anything in full score layout. At the instrument layout all is normal…

Thanks for helping.


Bernhard, could you post a screenshot of the setup screen, or better yet, attach the project here as a zip file?

If the project is not able to be publicly visible, you could send it to one of the development team.

But that may not be necessary… I have a hunch it’s a simple setting in Setup. With the full score layout selected, have you checked the boxes for flows at the bottom and for all instruments in the left panel?

Hi Dan,

ZIP File is attached.

Yes, I checked all the boxes…
Hope you can find something.

Thanks a lot.
Regen, Regen_Lied.dorico.zip (459 KB)

In your Master Page you’ve been playing with the filters. If you do this and then add another flow to the project, that flow won’t automatically be ticked.


Can you teach me how you get to this menu?


Engrave mode, Turn on the Frames button (second one from the top). Each music frame, when selected, will display a dropdown that allows you to choose players, flows, and frame chains.

This worked!!
Thank you guys.