Duplicated instrument changed playback Halion

I duplicated the Horn in F instrument because I wanted to change the ranges to reflect Grade 1 levels. However when I load the instrument it just loads the Halion generic piano sound instead of the horn sound. How do I make duplicated instruments keep the same playback instrument. If this is a second step that I have to do elsewhere in the program, I’d like to request that duplicated instruments keep the same playback patch by default.

Provided you’re using one of the factory playback templates, Dorico will definitely assign the appropriate sound for the new player automatically. If you’re using your own custom playback template, then it might be able to do it automatically depending on how you’ve set up the playback template. But if you’ve just manually assigned the playback in Play mode and you haven’t given Dorico any information about what you’ve done in the form of an endpoint configuration and playback template, then Dorico won’t know what it should do.

I’m realizing using the word “duplicate” may be confusing.

I am creating a new instrument based on an existing Horn in F. Using the instrument editor and then just changing the range of the new instrument.

Provided you make the instrument as a variant rather than a whole new instrument, then it will assume the same playback behaviours as the instrument on which it’s based.

The variant worked. Thank you!