Duplicated payment

I´ve just bought Steinberg cubase 11 update from 10.5
I´m realy worried because some error was apearing during the buying process and now I realise that I’ve made te same paymente three times. I Just wanted to pay once.
2020/12/17 09:18:07 GMT+00:00
2020/12/17 09:18:55 GMT+00:00
2020/12/17 09:21:42 GMT+00:00

So, could you please help me to solve this?

you need to contact the people you bought from - nobody on this user forum can assist

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@zedamusica and assuming you bought on line from the Steinberg website that would be https://steinbergnxw.zendesk.com/

Thank you very much. I have already received the two payments.

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