Duplicated percussion kit loses NotePerformer links

I do have here a very strange thing going on:

I have a player holding a percussion kit; the kit consists of a concert drum, a triangle, suspended cymbal and tam tam. Everything plays back fine.
Now, when I duplicate the player in Setup mode, the instruments of the newly created player sound differently: while the triangle still is correct, all other instruments do sound like a concert drum.
And when I re-apply the NP playback template, it gets even crazier, with the concert drum and the suspended cymbal now playing back as a flute.

It looks to me as if duplicating the player resulted in Dorico getting its playback routings mixed up, with the player’s instrument going to the wrong NP instances: When I switch to Playback mode and click the newly created percussion player, it says “04 - NotePerformer”, with port 1 on channel 2, but the suspenden cymbal the player holds links to “02 - NotePerformer” (another instance), port 1 channel 2 (which is the Flute).

Has anybody seen something like this?

  • The file has been created in Dorico, no XML import.
  • The problem is reproducible in this file here which I can happily send to Daniel for investigating.
  • I could not reproduce the problem in a fresh file though. (Good for you out there :wink: )


I have had instances when individual NP4 native percussion sounds that played fine when I started, suddenly became flute notes instead of drum or cymbal sounds. No idea why and not sure when the switch occurred.

It has happened in multiple files.

Yeah, sounds just like what is happening here.

Ditto… I’ve even had it happen with non-percussion instruments. Reseting the playback template fixes it, but then I have to recreate all my custom mixer settings, reverb, etc.

Now you can save the reverb settings (at least on the fx track) thanks to the spaces feature.

NP explicitly disables spaces.

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