duplicated track not mixing down in 7.0.6 ?

Ive come across this weird problem today I recorded an acoustic guitar in mono ,duplicated the track , panned the original track to the left and the duplicate to the right ( as normal ) then I delayed the duplicate track until it sounded sweet and check the correlation which told me everything was good ( 0 ) . Brought the rest of the tracks back up and decided at this point to mix down . Now when I play the mix down track back only the original track on the left is playing . it’s very strange as im pretty sure it’s not phase cancellation due to the delay on the duplicate track .

Anyone come across this behaviour or am I just being a right idiot as normal ?

Is it something to do with converting a dublicate part/track to a real as opposed to a ghost copy? Cant remember excactly but seem to recall something similar where copied parts were all responding to changes made in the original, worth looking into maybe?

im sure your right , just something ive over looked like make a new copy of audio in the pool or something like that lol .
I’ll have a look when im back in de crazy zone :wink: