Duplicated track with Element VSTi hasn't the patch edits

Hi. I tweaked a Waves Element patch on one track and then used Shift D to duplicate the track and VSTi. The sound was different and I realised the new track was using the unedited patch. I was expecting such edits to be part of the project. Is this just an issue with external VSTi’s? I haven’t noticed it with say Halion Sonic SE but haven’t checked so maybe it’s the same and patch edits are lost unless the patch is saved as a different name. Clearly I can save the edited patch under a new name and it should all be fine. If I don’t save the new patch presumably when I reopen the project tomorrow even the copied track will have reverted back to the original Element patch. I’m interested to know if this is a normal cubase ‘feature’ . I’d really appeciate someone’s expertise on the matter. cheers


What VSTi was it, please? Did you edit the patch in the plug-in GUI?

Hi Martin, sorry missed your reply. The VSTi was Waves Element synth - used as a plugin and I’d made some edits to one of the instrument patches via it’s gui within cubase. It looks like patch changes need to be saved as a new patch name. I’d not thought of this before - i don’t think it applies to patch edits in Halion, Padshop2 and Retrologue does it? Maybe it applies to all third party VSTI’s. Any ideas?


Any plug-in settings/edits should be stored with the project. If it doesn’t work, it must be the plug-in issue.

Thanks Martin. Must be a Waves Elements flaw.