Duplicated tracks have wrong signal chains until reload


After Duplicated tracks, i checked that the output connection was not set correctly

However, if you save the project and reload it, the routing changes normally and connects

It’s the biggest pain since I paid for Cubase 12 I can’t wait to solve this problem


This problem still persists at 12.0.50


OK, it took me a while to decipher what your actual problem is (would’ve been easier if you described how to reproduce it, step by step).
But I think I can reproduce it (12.0.50):

  1. create a group track and an audio track, whose output you set to the new group track.

  2. select both the audio and the group track and do a right-click->duplicate tracks.

  3. If you now look at the output routing of the duplicated audio track, it is set to the duplicated group track. The actual audio routing though still goes through the original group, verifiable by hitting solo on the new audio track.

  4. If you now save the project and hit solo again, the output goes correctly to the duplicated track.

Yep, seems like a bug to me. You should tag your post with “issue” and open a call at Steinberg (won’t solve your problem, and no guarantee that it will be solved soon, but make them aware that the issue exists).

A workaround that doesn’t involve re-opening the project is just setting the output routing of the audio track manually to the duplicated group (just click on the group name again).

Anyone else can reproduce it and I’ll add it to the Issues Wiki

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Could you clarify what you mean by that? Are you referring just to the solo markers or did you have actual audio content for verification?

Thanks much.


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I get the actual audio signal going through the original group (as you’d expect from the solo status). It’s not just a display problem.

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Which tracks output?

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Well, the duplicated track’s output.

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Ah, ok, I can confirm now.

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Yep, exactly that, thanks for the screen grab (I still haven’t bothered yet how to do them).
And if you select the “Group 09 (D)” again in the output of the “Audio 01 (D)” track, the routing gets fixed, and solo will correctly solo both the “(D)” tracks.

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I updated the issues Wiki (it’s really difficult to summarize the problem in one sentence :grin:)


This seems like it could be related to this, or maybe the same underlying bug manifesting itself in different ways:

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Does the same happen when the Audio Track and Group order are reversed in the track list ? I mean, it will duplicate the tracks from top to bottom, so when the Audio Track is n°1 and Group is n°2, then the Audio Track keeps its original routing as it doesn’t take the corresponding Group into account.
Would be great to test this on previous versions like 10 or 11 if some you guys have these installed.

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Actually, if the group track comes first in order, everything works correctly, the audio track is immediately routed to the duplicated group :rofl:
And C11 works correctly independent of the track order.
Funny. Not really what I’d consider a critical bug personally (tbh, I think I never even duplicated a track and its group together, but ymmv of course), but really weird.

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Thank you very much for sharing concerns. I hope this problem will be resolved as soon as possible

If you haven’t already, I’d again recommend opening a support call with Cubase. Chances are slim that you get an immediate solution, but it might help getting the problem on their internal bug list. You can link to this thread or use the replication sequence in my post above for the support.
If you do get an answer and it is accepted as a bug, you’ll receive a “CAN” number, please let me know so I can update the issues Wiki.