Duplicates Install on MacOs

Hey, how are you guys?
I run into a problem every time I update Cubase on a MacOs.
What happens is the installation file announces that I need 27GB of free space to install Cubase and for all the extensions that come with, It happened to me in version 10, 10.5 and currently to 11 – it’s eating my hardrive free space.

I need to use the Customize option to turn off options to save space
Same story in the update file.
Can’t overcly the files and install without giving up 27gb Or without it creating new files every time every time When there’s an update or a new version?

How can I delete the previously installed add-ons with Cubase 10 / 10.5 and where are they in macOS? Because unistall software tells me that Cubase is only 900 MB

Maybe I’m missing something, I’d love some help.
Apologies if the message is long, thank you very much to those who can help.

Hi and welcome,

Since Cubase 11 you don’t have to download the Full Installer (Cubase + all libraries). So you don’t need so much space. Also when you install it, it doesn’t install it from the full package, so the needed free space estimation is smaller.