Duplicating A Complete Section With Range


Long time user. But I almost -never- use ranges… mostly out of fear. If I want to duplicate a whole section of music I simply insert bars and re-play or copy individual parts.

So… I have a song with an A-B-A form. Using the locators I select the bars in the ‘A’ section and then hit Global Copy. It seems to copy -all- events on -all- tracks within the selected range, right so far?

And then, if I hit Paste, it pastes the ‘A’ section at the current mouse cursor right on top of whatever is ‘there’, right?

But what I want to do is -duplicate- that A section… butt up against the first A section and right before the B section. So how do I duplicate that section. Does one insert empty bars where A2 goes and -then- paste? Or is there a faster way?

For some reason I thought there was already a ‘Duplicate’ function that copies/pastes and moves bars all in one go.




After having done “Global Copy”, place your Cursor at the end of the A section, then Edit menu>Range>“Paste Time”.

Thanks (as usual), Vic. That’s what I thought.

I’m sure you’re right that’s what’s (mostly) happening but I may have tested with a too complicated example. The ‘copied’ part isn’t exactly what I expected on some tracks… and there is a new time sig at the destination for no apparent reason. I gotta do a detailed comparison to figure out what’s happening.

Am I correct that ‘Global Copy’ selects -all- tracks automatically? Or does one need to hit literally ‘Select All Tracks’ before hitting Global Copy?


Maybe you should spend more time learning how the program works as opposed to posting non-sense feature requests. Simple reasons why what’s happening is happening. :unamused:

Sorry you don’t like some of my posts. There was a guy called ‘Baz’ back in the old days who coined the term ‘use your ignore filter’ and it’s still good advice.

You seem to have a good working knowledge of the program. Shame you choose to participate in such a snotty fashion. Acting like that is soooo 10 years ago.

If you have something of value to add to -this- topic I’m all ears. But just posting insults that have nothing to do with the question at hand merits a yellow card.


Where’s the insult? :unamused:

You get a red card. :laughing:

I honestly bounce all the tracks to clean up the lanes… Then I highlight every track, then slice the beginning line, then the ending line… Now all tracks are cut at equal length. Then copy those cuts (using ctrl-c. I know, lots of commands…) and place the cursor where you want that part to start. It’s a very tedious process. Or it’s what I spend hours doing…

Tip. If you’re copying only tracks 6, 7, 11 & 12, hypothetically, make sure the topmost track is selected when you paste them.

Manual Mode. Basically, that’s what I’ve always done… but for different reasons… My mind still remembers when Range Copy didn’t work reliably (10 years ago) and I’ve been gun shy ever since, which is probably unfair. But mainly I’ve noticed that when I work with ‘ranges’ the controller data/keyswitches before the beginning get lopped off… and I -need- those.

However for what you’re describing I would think Range Global Copy/Paste Time would save you -ages-.

What I’m describing is a process that can take me a matter of seconds! I select all the lanes by holding down mouse button 1, dragging a selection box over all of them ( or shift click ), then press my trim tool shortcut (3), and click twice.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but isn’t the Arranger Track made for this, and much more flexible?