Duplicating a track with drag and drop possible?


Is there a way that I can easily duplicate and move a track using drag and drop, as is usually the case with many elements while holding down the ALT key?

Thank you in advance.

AFAIK, no, but there is this one (Edit > Key Commands), for which you can set a key combination :


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Thank you very much. I have already created such a shortcut, but it is just too inflexible for me. What also annoys me is the fact that when duplicating tracks, the sidechain settings of plugins are reset again. Steinberg (support) justifies this with the avoidance of possible feedback problems (this could be solved with a warning notice if indeed such a problem exists).

There is a way I am doing this

  1. Rubber-band select all the events of the track (or right-click on track and choose “select all events”)
  2. While they are selected hold “ctrl+alt” and drag and drop them into the empty project’s space. “Ctrl” works for keeping events at the exact position as the original and “alt” for duplication.

This way you will get a new track that has exactly the same settings as the original (volume, pan, plugins, etc.)
Can’t recall what will happen to the sidechain settings but this works the same as the command for duplicating the track and I have yet to find a process that keeps the side-chaining intact.
But you can always try it and see.

Maybe I should explain why I started this thread. I find creating and configuring tracks in Cubase extremely cumbersome.

My projects often have a large number of sampler and audio tracks with an identical plugin chain. I use folders and group tracks (bus) for organization. I have to recreate the color every time and route the new track to the bus; existing sidechains are lost when duplicating. What I’m clearly missing here is the ability to assign a bus to a folder so that every new track that is created or copied into this folder is automatically routed to the correct bus and the color of the folder is also used for the track.

I’m looking for a workaround for this. My idea was that I simply create 2 tracks (Audio and Sampler) as a template, which I then drag into the respective folder as duplicates if necessary. That doesn’t seem to work. I can only duplicate with a cumbersome shortcut and then have to drag this duplicate into the respective folder, configure the bus and also change the color. And if a sidechain exists, I have to create it again because Steinberg doesn’t want it any other way (because of the alleged feedback problem).

This gets on my nerves so much that I’ve been switching between Cubase, Bitwig and Live for the past two years because each of these DAWs can do something that the other can’t, or vice versa. I like Cubase and like to avoid all the Bitwig and Live stuff, but what I described above is really extremely cumbersome.