Duplicating according to quantize?

Hey peoples,

Picture this:

I have a midi note that’s one 16th note long, on the 1st best of the bar, triggering a kick.

Let’s say i want to create your typical 4 to the floor kick drum pattern, so 4 kicks in a bar, each on a quarter note.

Now, if i press ctrl + D three times, it’ll create 3 more 16th notes, all next to each other, with the last on the 2nd beat of the bar.

However, if that first midi note was a whole quarter note long, it would create each new note on the next quarter note.

In other words, Cubase only looks at the length of the note (or object on a track), and creates the next duplicate at exactly the end point of the previous object.

To me it would be much more logical if it created the next duplicate according to the quantize. So if i have a quantize of 1/1, it’ll create the next event a bar later. And in my original example, if i have a quantize of 1/4, then it would create the next 16th note a quarter note later.

And if snap was turned off, THEN it would create the next note at the end of the previous one

Perhaps i’m missing the function that achieves this, if so, could someone point me in the right direction!?

Thanks! …J

Because the duplicate command is not for midi only or has anything to do with quantize it will just create the next event/note next to the first one. Basically the duplicate is just a quick copy/paste
So either make them 1/4 notes or just manually add the 4 notes which can then be copy/pasted.

OK, so in the arrange window i guess it makes sense, but in the editors it would make more sense to have it as i described. The length of your note in an editor has no relation to where you want the next duplicate to be.

Another way to do it is to copy note, then use the ctrl and numpad + to move locator to next grid line (according to the selected quantize) and then paste.

That works.

I just found another one: alt + click and drag…that copies and drags according to the set quantize (on Windoze).

Ok, i managed to create a macro key command that does exactly what i described in my OP:

Edit - Copy
Edit - Paste
Nudge - Right
Transport - Nudge Cursor Right

The only thing is, you need to make sure the cursor is at the beginning of the event before running the macro.

The macro could be improved even more if the first command could be “move cursor to start of selected event”, but i can’t find any way to create a command that does that.

Anyone know how to do that? With the logical editor perhaps?