Duplicating (echoing) midi CC's to all 16 midi channels

I am looking for a MIDI plugin to duplicate (echo) all the CC’s received on a midi channel (from a track or midi input) to all 16 channels on that port.

I have an instance of EastWest PLAY loaded with 16 patches (each one on a separate midi channel). I use Expression Maps to “convert” KeySwitches (triggered live or recorded on a midi part) to channel numbers (1 to 16). This way I can select the right articulation (patch).

Problem: Since I am using a lot of CC11 (expression), CC07 (volume) automations, changing articulations with Expression Maps (as described above) creates gaps in the volume/expression as I switch from one patch (midi channel) to another.
Needed - a way of sending CC messages to ALL channels. Partial solution is to use the MIDI SENDS with a TRANSFORM plaugin (filtering the notes out). However there are only 4 sends per track and I need 16.
Is there any MIDI plugin that would do that: receive CC’s from midi input/midi track and echo-ing them out to all 16 channels (notes should be filtered out)?

Other than record-enabling 4 simultaneous MIDI tracks, each with its 4 MIDI Sends, the only plugin I can think of is Plogue Bidule (but it’s a bit of a kludge getting there, because it is actually a VST Instrument, not a MIDI plugin)…
You send from your external keyboard (or MIDI track) into the Bidule VSTi, then on a 2nd record-enabled MIDI track, input from Bidule, output to the Play Engine (or other mutlitimbral instrument) channel output set to “Any”…
(I’ve just tried it and it works :wink: )
Unfortunately, while the basic Plogue Bidule Standalone is free, you have to pay for the full version with VST and AU plugins.
(for interest, here’s a screenshot of the necessary setup). Btw, if you do have the full version of Bidule, I’d be happy to upload the Bidule Layout (preset)…
EDIT: The attachment doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, so here’s an alternative link…