Duplicating notes in drum editor

I know all about Ctrl+D and Alt + drag. There are two use cases were I find these functions awkward:

  1. Working with, say, a swung hat pattern in a two bar loop, I get the 1st beat in the first bar right, say, and I want to copy the first and second beats together to the 3rd and 4th beats and then copy all the hats from bar one to bar two exactly without affecting any of the other drum hits for now.

  2. I want to copy this two bar hat pattern to a new two bar loop without any of the other drum hits present in the original pattern.

In these cases Ctrl + D doesn’t place the copies in the correct spot and with Alt + drag makes it difficult to position correctly, especially when swung (off grid) hits are involved. What I want to do is select a range of bars, beats or sub-divisions of beats for one drum voice including all hits and duplicate that into an exactly equal new range with all the hits in exactly the same place as the original.

I seem to see folk do this all the time in Ableton, but I can’t find anything on how to do this in Cubase. Can you?