Duplicating parts: place the duplicate according to Snap type and Grid type

This is how it would work for single parts;

This is how it would work for multiple parts, where the placement is based on the chronologically first part;

And this is how it would work for midi notes (thanks to mozizo for the reminder!);

I’m aware that the range tool can be used in the arrange window to select a range before duplicating and that this would align the duplicates to whatever range I select, but I believe that what I’m suggesting here would make the workflow quicker and smoother when it doesn’t require a precise mouse interaction with the range tool prior to duplicating. Also, as mozizo commented; the range tool is not available in the piano roll.

also for midi notes in midi editor,where there is no range tool at all(would be useful to have range tool on midi editor as well)


Thanks for the reminder! I have updated the post now.

You can use edit in place and use the range tool there.
but there’s even a faster way => Macro’s.
I call this Rampage copying.

This works on any kind of event, audio, chords, midi etc.

Every time I show it to guys doing copy/paste work they all go nuts…

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(and +1 for the range tool in piano roll)

(After about 700 ads I managed to locate one of your gifs - btw Photobucket is now my new Least Loved Website™ ever.)

That looks amazing!
Would you be willing to share the commands used in the(se) macro(s)?


Screenshot 2023-11-04 121648
Here’s my macro to somewhat solve this issue.