Duplicating Player AND Content possible?

I am possibly dreaming about this being possible in the past, but is it normal (and as intended) that when one duplicates a player Dorico only creates a new player holding the same instrument(s) but whose staves are totally empty?
I would expect it to duplicate everything, content included…

Duplicating contents would cause a lot of inconvenience in most cases. Selecting the original staff contents and ALT/OPT-clicking into the new staff is comparatively easy.

Could you elaborate on the inconveniences you are talking about?
My use case is to have two versions of the same instrument with different slurs, fingerings, etc…

I have also requested this in the past. In works with many flows, it would be much faster.

However, Duplicate Player should be one function, and Duplicate Player with Notes another.


Excellent suggestion!

I usually have two drum set parts in a flow. One part for the score where every bar is written out, and another part for the player where repeated bars are indicated. Being able to duplicate the entire part with one command would be great for that!