Duplicating shared copies

There used to be (in the early days of Cubase) a way of specifying whether you wanted a real or a ghost (shared) copy of an event or part when using the pencil tool, just by pressing ctrl or alternate (if my memory serves me right).
Is there a way of doing this in current versions of Cubase?
I use shared copies all the time but Cubase always seems to default to creating real copies of events.
It would speed things up for me if I could have a preference to change all commands relating to copying/duplicating/repeating to default to creating shared copies…

Edit: Nobody else feeling the need for a quicker way to make ghost (shared) copies? :question:

Yes of course, it was to my opinion one of the key functions in Cubase (I think it was in there until Cubase VST32 5), especially with electronic music, which is based on loops, so you could build the arrangement of the track pretty fast that way. There’s a few topics/requests about that throughout the forum. I miss that function a lot…
But hey, some dev removed it a long time ago for whatever reason, and looking at how long Steinberg takes to improve our work flow, well, I don’t see it coming back before Cubase 12 or 13… :frowning:

Still there, modifier changed. Look in Prefs.

Cntrl+Alt+Shift if memory serves.

I don’t seem to have any options for the draw tool in my preferences…it was the ability to draw ghost or real copies (depending on modifier keys) with this tool I would like to see back again

If you’re using 7.5 why are you posting here?

Just bringing up an old unresolved issue - have posted in 7 now