Duplicating Track versions - does it increase project 'data'?

Extremely worried, because as I am progressing with ‘comping’ for lead vocal track,
I (just in case) always duplicate? but would it increase the project data…?
like, literally wave files are copied and pasted? or not…?

Just got curious and asking about it! Hope not… :slight_smile:

Cubase 11 Pro.

It will keep the original file.
More precisely, the file will be loaded in the RAM multiple times (for each duplicate) but you will keep only one in the disk

However, if you use Offline Processing (F7), it will ask you if you want to process the original file or create a new one.

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Totally understood! That is good to hear, just worried about multiplying HDD disk data (cause sometimes, I work at high rate and file size is getting pretty big)

Good to hear! thanks!! I really love this feature! so good to recall, or go back! one-click boom!
Cubase is just amazing.