Duplicating Track without Data strange

Hi to whom it concerns :exclamation:

I’ve encountered a strange problem, where Duplicate Track without Data has a strange behavior. I works as expected when doing this action on a track without automation, but on a track with automation it does the inverse of what it should. How can I explain better for you?

I think let me say, if I am doing this action on track with no automation:
-Leaves data/automation as is on the original track
-creates new duplicated track with no data

this works as expected, this is correct.

but, if on the same track, I turn on automation and say draw a couple points, it does the inverse:
-It deletes a bunch of data on original track
-moves the events and automation to the new duplicated track.

I can’t figure out why, I am no longer at my office but it dawned on me… :bulb: maybe a variable is having ‘Track Selection follows event selection’ on is having an affect but I’m not sure - it shouldn’t matter in my mind but I will check when I am back in two days.

Also I tried sticking in a couple spacer commands to give the process a chance, but no effect.

Hi and welcome,

It works to me here.

As I can see, this is a Macro. Might be, there is some timing issue.

This is very disheartening to me, that this feature is so inconsistent across users :frowning:


As I wrote, this is not a common function, this is a Macro. And it’s known, that Macros sometimes have a timing issues and the commands are not processed in the right order.