duplicating track

hi noob question:
whats the shortcut to duplicate an audio/midi event onto a new track underneath it, with the same position.

what I’m doing now is alt+dragging but sometimes when i drag it under it moves position (because i have parkinsons)


Right click on the track and select “dublicate track”

but i don’t want to duplicate everything on that track, just that one event

I am not sure of, if that’s possible. I usually dublicate the track and then delete the events, that I don’t want afterwards. But if anyone else knows, I would like to know too…:slight_smile:

I think ctrl+alt may constrain it vertically.

snap to event?

Click the part you want to move and then drag it while holding alt+cntrl. The cntrl key forces the (copied) part to remain at the same time position.

Shift+Ctrl+Alt ‘duplicates’ an event and drags to new (already created) track at same start point. Ctrl+Alt only moves the original track in time to another track. Don’t even try Shift+nothing… lol

Ctrl+Alt copies/duplicates the event; you don’t need Shift. :wink:

I made a mistake there in my post. Ctrl+Alt activates ‘slip editing’.

The rest is the way it works for me. Maybe I am wrong?

Ok, what version of Cubase are you using? Is it maybe that MIDI event’s use different combinations of key commands? That would be strange if ‘ctrl+alt’ wasn’t the same globally.

I really don’t know. All I know is what those combinations do for ‘audio events’.

If that is the case that MIDI events have different controls/key commands, then I am shamed. Sorry for interrupting.

Strange that they would be different tho…

I’m not sure about slip editing (I don’t use it). But to copy an event from one track to another while keeping it aligned in time, I use ctrl+alt. Cheers…

I’m currently using 8.5. And it works for both audio and MIDI.

Wait man, there must be a solution here.

If I have an event highlighted, hover mouse over it and hold ctrl+alt, it is definitely ‘slip edit’ time.

What do you see?

Trust me, I am trying to find what is happening. I am not being crass.

I don’t think you’re being crass. :slight_smile:

Let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing. What I thought the OP was asking was how to move an event – though maybe we’re actually talking about a “clip” – from one track to another while preserving its starting time. So let’s say that we have two measures of a guitar riff and want to copy it from track 1 to track 2 to apply different processing. Is that what you’re talking about? If so, then the way I do that is to grab the event (clip?) with the mouse while simultaneously pressing the alt and ctrl keys and then drag it from track 1 to track 2. When you do this the cursor changes to a small cross. Cheers…

for me I just use alt+drag to duplicate the clip :confused:

i guess my problem is that it snaps to the grid when i pull it down

I thought there was a key command to simply duplicate the event on a new track

Like jimmys69 says, Highlighting the part and then pressing Shift/Control/Alt together and dragging works for me using Cubase 8.5.

Do a test by turning Snap off and move your part to a random start position! Then try dragging that part to an empty track below but try and drag it out of position either left or right and you will find it won’t happen but will be placed exactly below the original part! :smiley:

Kind regards

James Colah

If I am copying an event I’ll just copy and paste - ctl-c, ctl-v in Windows.