Duplicating tracks, appear under last track


Is there a way to have the tracks show up under the last track when multiple tracks are duplicated?.
If not this should be a an option, the way it is now, where they appear under each other is confusing and it’s easy to screw up

Let’s say I duplicate 4 tracks, when they are summoned I would like them to appear under the fourth track. so basically work the same way as duplicating one track.

Bonus question: is it possible to duplicate tracks without the event?

Gets my vote as a feature request.


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Re: the bonus question:

Go to Edit>Macros>Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data.

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As long as I do not know how to drag and drop without a mouse, at least I found a way to get you almost there:

  1. Select all the tracks you want to duplicate
  2. Duplicate Tracks
  3. Move selected tracks to new folder.

Steps 2 and 3 can be combined in one macro, with one key command.


Step 2 creates all the duplicated tracks you asked for. The original tracks are no longer selected, the duplicates are.
Step 3 creates a new folder (called Folder) and places the newly created, and selected, tracks in it.


  • the duplicates are grouped together and in the same order as the originals
  • the folder is not at the bottom, but drag and drop will take care of that. If necessary, you may close the folder first.
  • Also: if you want the duplicated tracks not so far down, you may place the folder wherever you like.

Example macro:
Place duplicate tracks in folder, together and in same order

  • Project - Duplicate Tracks
  • Project - Move Selected Tracks to New Folder

Good Luck,

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