Duplicating tracks: cannot select just ONE track.

I want to copy a track with all the presets and all the content, so i select the track , then click “duplicate track”.
The new track is created with everything copied, cool.

Then i try to select JUST the parts in the new copied track, but instead, it automatically selects BOTH the original part AND the copied part. The tracks are not linked… how do i select just the new copied parts?

I’m sorry this is actually on mycubase 7, but i searched and couldn’t find an answer in that or this forum, and that one is now locked.

I have the same issue and I’m using Cubase 8. Could you solve it?

Works fine here… Maybe trash your preferences?

I don’t think so because it’s random, it depends on the project. For me it seems more like a bug than anything else because if I create a new audio/midi file and simply copy the original one into the second out of sync (different starting points) it won’t handle original and new as one, but as soon as I set them to the same starting point it’s handled as a single element. Really weird.

Try trashing your prefs…

It works fine here…


Do you mean “File -> Prefences -> Default”? I don’t have any to delete as I still use Cubase’s standard one.

Btw thanks for supporting.

Np, m8)

I mean: c:/ users/your name/ appdata /roaming/ steinberg / cubase x.x

Close cubase and delete that whole folder.
(It will make a new folder when you next start cubase)

(If you have custom key commands or you want to save your mediabay file, save those from the folder and replace later)

Ok. I have done exact as per the recommendation and it didn’t work. I’ll keep with my workaround. Many thanks once again.

Andre, what is your work around?

I too found it to be random and cannot pinpoint exactly when/why it does/doesn’t happen.

Actually, it only happens when i select a preset guitar track which uses the built in amp plugin.
It does not happen when i use a regular recording track. (as in a mic recording)
Does that shed any light on things ???