DUPLICATING TRACKS containing track pictures fails to duplicate track pictures + cannot add pic to multiple tracks

DUPLICATING TRACKS that have track pictures, fails to copy over the track pictures to the new duplicate tracks,

Also, we used to be able to add a track picture to multiple tracks simply by selecting multiple tracks, double clicking in one of the tracks track picture boxes and then choosing a track picture which all the selected tracks would change to… Now, it deselects all the tracks to the one you are double clicking on, thus not allowing you to change track picture for the tracks you had selected.


My experience FWIW… I have never had track pictures copy over when duplicating tracks.

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I hadn’t noticed this behavior before so I just tried it. When I duplicated an Instrument Track the picture copied too. But duplicating an Audio Track did not copy the picture.

Guess I mostly duplicate Instruments.

Interesting… Just re-checked to be sure. No track pictures are copied for me when duplicating Instrument or Audio tracks.

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This is clearly a mistake, borderline bug.

It should duplicate the picture, and all pictures of multiple tracks within a folder being duplicated.

Was this fixed?