Duplicating WAV instead of quantize

Hey there, before I mention my problem, I would like to also mention I checked the key command + reset them before I decided to start this topic, and ofc searched on the web for solutions.

It started like week ago for no reason wtsoever. When im trying to quantinze (q) a WAV clip on my timeline, it duplicates the clip’s name (top left corner>clip name and description) instead of quantize it to grid value. This is driving me crazy and yet have a solution. **It does not apply to midi arrangment, midi quantize works fine.



Press the “Q” Key Command, then, immediately after this, open Key Commands from the File menu. The latest triggered function is selected. Is it Quantize or not?

Yes, the last triggered command showing on keycommands is “Quantize”.
Please don’t tell me to reinstall :cry: :cry:


OK. What happens, when you trigger the Quantize function from menu?

Reinstallation is not problem (but it doesn’t help very often). Your settings is kept (what is the reason, why it doesn’t help very often). Much helpful is to start in Safe Mode, or completely trash a preferences.

reset prefrences won’t help imo, since I reset the Q function (and total commands) and yet it works.
If only I could find the command that appears (duplicating WAV clip name), I might get to that. Any ideas else than defult prefrences?

What happens, when you try to trigger the Quantize function from menu, please?

same thing, it duplicates the WA clip name (maknig it 02, top left corner at clip description).

That’s strange. Then I would recommend to trash your preferences. How did you do it? We don’t have in mine to click to the “Reset” button in the Prederences window, but delete (rename) your Cubase 8_64 folder from AppData/Roaming…

Have a look at the preference setting called ‘On Processing Shared Clips’ (in the Editing > Audio section). You may have it set to ‘Create New Version’ which will create a new version every time you apply processing to a clip that appears elsewhere in the arrangement. This might be your problem.


It sets on “Open Options Dialog” like on defult settings.

I pressed “reset” button at prefrences button area + reset keycommands the sameway.

can u tell me exactly what to rename\delete?


If you want to do this manually, follow these steps, please.

Thankx, this will only affect the prefrences and keycommands right? nothing else :smiley: ? :smiley:

After this, your Cubase will look like a default (out of the box) settings. So you will not see your recent projects in the Steinberg Hub. But the projects are always stored, so you can open them by using common “Open” function.

I would definitely recommend you to save this whole folder somewhere. Just copy it to your Documents. Then, you can move it back, if you don’t like, what happens. :wink:

Alright tnx, I will definetely save and relocate it after deleting. I just know all my templates and “plugin paths” will be lost and vsts wont load :smiley: :smiley: