Duplication of montage and files not working

has something changed or is this a bug.

In version 9.5 file tab - new - from current file - recreate audio files, works correctly, makes a new folder with a copy of the montage and all its files

In version 10 however while it does indeed make a new folder and copies the files, the new montage copy itself does not refer to the new files, it still points to the original files

Please show me a screenshot of the Duplication dialog, so that I see your settings.
I just did a quick test and did not produce the problem you mention.

here are the settings

and here is the resulting montage copy, you can see all files except one is still pointing to the original location

Thanks for the additional info. I could reproduce. I program a fix for 10.0.20, as it is too late for 10.0.10.

Thanks, This is why you are the best!