Duration in D4 Key Editor for Drums

Playing around in D 4.2 Key Editor for drums. It would be way better for me as I know Cubase. I’ll need to create a hi-hat sound like the mp3 attached.

I create a Drum Kit Player (full) and open the Key Editor, attachment 2 shows what I see.

I click Setup and open Edit Percussion Kit. I see the hi-hat on top of the 5th line; I create a new hi-hat. It appears elsewhere but I click the arrows to move it up to the ‘G’ line on top of the staff. I edit this new hi hat adding the Playing Technique ‘Choke’. I don’t think that’s right (choke implies grabbing with your hand I think).

Now attachment 3 shows what I see.

The 'Choke has appeared as a sub item under the Hi-Hat line but also, there’s another ‘Open 2’. So anyway I start to enter some notes. Notice that the little note icon beside ‘Hi Hat’ is a quarter note. When I click in the grid for Hi Hat I get quarter notes and same with Open Hi Hat, but when I click in the grid for my new Choke Hi Hat I get eighth notes. Also see the chart above. Dorico has inserted a small circle for the Choke Hi hat which looks identical to the Open Hi Hat playing technique.

I can click away from the drumstick entry icon, click on the Arrow icon instead and then on the ‘Duration Chooser’ icon at the top bar of the Key Editor (with the Choke note chosen) and manipulate things in such a way as to be able to input quarter notes in the Choke Hi Hat part… but I’m clearly doing something wrong.


  1. What’s the right Playing Technique/name for the hi hat sound I attached (common funk/R & B technique)? A drummer buddy just DM’d me that he calls it a ‘Bark’!

  2. Is it expected that the second ‘Open Hi hat’ appeared, and also that the duration for the new Choked Hi Hat is not the same as the one chosen above in the ‘parent’ Hi Hat line?

  3. The sound of open and closed hi hats comes and goes. Sometimes I hear the Open hi hat and sometimes when I enter on that line I hear just a regular hi hat even though in the notation above, it’s creating open hi hats? Also, should the Choke Hi Hat be producing a different sound or is the issue that ‘Choke’ isn’t a sound that DOrico thinks is associated with Hi Hats?

  4. I’m assuming I can’t somehow use my Streamdeck controller to quickly switch between duration values when I’m inputting Drum Kit parts using this new Key Editor interface?

Thanks in advance