duration of a piece

Hello, how can I place automatically the duration of a piece at the end of the score? Thanks, Ludo

Hi Ludo, you can use one of these tokens in a text frame:

  • {@flowDuration@} shows the duration of whatever flow is shown on the same page as the token
  • {@flow_n_Duration@} shows the duration a specific flow. For example, {@flow2Duration@} shows the duration of the second flow in the project.

Both tokens display the duration formatted as m’s”, e.g. 4’33”. (Joke credit to Daniel Spreadbury)

(for more information about tokens see this part of the online help, and the 2.2 Version History for new tokens added in version 2 onwards.)

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… But no {@projectDuration@} token.

A {@layoutDuration@} token would probably be better. In general a project might contain different versions of some flows, etc, so adding up the duration of every flow wouldn’t be very useful.

“Both tokens display the duration formatted as m’s”, e.g. 4’33”. (Joke credit to Daniel Spreadbury)”

What’s the joke here? I saw this mentioned in another post, but didn’t get it…


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Ah yes, that’s where I recognized the title from. I just couldn’t place it :grin:.

Hello @Lillie_Harris,
How does the duration work if you want the duration of an entire Sonate with 3 mvt.
For me it doesn’t work

There isn’t a token for overall project duration I’m afraid. I think because it can get complicated with not all layouts necessarily containing all flows.

A quick way of doing it manually is to select the last note in the last flow, press P to start playback there, press Space basically immediately and check the mini transport in the top right of the window for the timestamp.

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Thanks for quick Answer.
I know what you mean but for a Full score it would be very usefull

Then the FR might be: please consider adding both a {@projectDuration@} and {@layoutDuration@} token?


Hi @Lillie_Harris ,

I think that’s an excellent workaround, but I also agree it would be great to have a {@layoutDuration@} token.

p.s. I don’t think you need to press Space as the transport continues to show total duration of layout when playback stops

I usually have at least one flow that is not in the full score. For large projects, I might have more flows that aren’t in the full score than those that are. A per-layout solution is better.

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